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Bin liners

Most bin bags nowadays are produce with polythene and are generally black or green. Useful as liners for rubbish containers as it prevents them from getting dirty and smelly and facilitate rubbish removal. Eco-friendly versions are also available and are made from biodegradable plastic or starch based materials.

Discount Rubbish Bags

Website dedicated to provide useful information about rubbish bags and bin liners. Find discounted suppliers of rubbish bags.

Bin bags

Bin bags offer a convenient and hygienic way of waste, domestic refuse and litter, collection and disposal. Rubbish bags are very useful for containing messy or wet garbage such as food scraps and vegetable peelings. Available in specialist models with specific printed warnings for use with low-grade radioactive or clinical waste.

Bin Bags

Website devoted to find the best suppliers of rubbish bags, waste sacks and specialist waste bags.

Waste sacks

Waste sacks are ideal for office, garden and building rubble removal. They are produce with very strong recycled film. Clear waste sacks are ideal for office usage as their transparency helps ensure only the correct type of items are discarded or stored in the sack. Disposal of building materials can be done with ultra thick waste sacks and for the more general purposes black sacks are economy and strong.

Waste Sacks

Find top suppliers of rubbish bags, waste sacks and specialist waste bags. Provides information and quality discounted suppliers.

Rubbish Sacks Direct

Find the best suppliers of rubbish bags, waste sacks and specialist waste bags. Provides top suppliers and articles about waste bags.


The Poly Star! - Featured Polythene Manufacturer

Polybags Ltd is our nominated 'Poly Star' this month and a the leading UK Manufacturer of high quality polythene products such as bags, bin liners, waste sacks, polythene and plastic sheeting. Massive range of biodegradable alternatives. Their revamped website is first class with excellent discounts on many packaging lines.

The only mystery is why some consumers continue to buy from online packaging stores and traders when they can buy online and 'direct' from the polythene manufacturers? Cue new article, Polynuts?

Source: Editorial, Packaging Knowledge Magazine

Research & Resources

For more detailed information about polythene packaging, read articles or browse the directories we've selected for you.

Goldstork: interesting directory where best of the web links are put into specific categories to help you find exactly what your looking for. On Goldstork you will also find selected information and links to great websites specialised in packaging.

PackagingKnowledge: with articles and news regarding the flexible polythene packaging industry.
packaging news plastic packaging directory where users and businesses can easily add their packaging product listings for free.

Eco Friendly Alternatives

Protection of the environment is an important issue and although it often experiences a bad press due to ignorance, packaging made out of plastic and polythene is actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging (due to its very low carbon footprint) and the ability to recycle. The following sites specialise in "green packaging" (environmentally-friendly) packaging:

Environmental Bags

Environmental bags is a website specialising in compostable, biodegradable and degradable bags. It discusses the use of green bags, what biodegradable and degradable really means and where to buy good quality environmentally-friendly bags.

Discount Biodegradable Bags

All your questions about biodegradable bags and degradable plastics answered - why we should use them, how they work, which ones are really eco-friendly, plus the best discount prices and deals on biodegradable bags and other environmentally friendly packaging.